Gaby Hauptmann

Gaby Hauptmann is one of the most widely read writers in Germany. Among her best known novels include "Search Impotent Man" which was filmed 2002


The TWS knows Gaby Hauptmann since a personal visit from Dr. Tom Wahlig at her home in Lake Constance.


Since Gaby Hauptmann acts as pacemaker for our foundation:



"It's amazing how little heed to his body, as long as it works. It's like a partnership - only if the other goes, you can feel the loss. And then one is often alone with himself and his pain. It is wonderful that there are people who take care of others - for them there are, you shake hands. It is often a small gesture, but with great effect. Wahlig Dr. Tom and his son Henry keep up with the TWS extended their hands to others and make sure your donation. My they have - Gaby Hauptmann. "