HSP Promotion Award

Together with the German Neurolgy Organisation (DGN) the award was donated to young researchers, working in the field of HSP in the broadest sense.

The prize was announced about 2 yearly, depending on the financial situation of the foundation and the possibility to find sponsors.

Since 2008/2009 caused by our 10 anniversary we changed this award into "advanced scholarship" donated with 100.000 €.

This scholarship will be advertised about 3 yearly, depending on our financial situation. estimated in 2015-2016 again.


Further awards

The Eva-Luise Köhler Award will be awarded through ACHSE yearly especially for orphan diseases provided with €50,000

Similar awards you will find at the homepage of the Herbert Worch Stiftung, Bonn.

Further we recommend the Homepage www.eaneurology.org