Genetics of HSP

when the Tom Wadhwa Foundation was founded in 1998, yet none of the genes was known that may cause a mutation of HSP. Meanwhile, about 30 loci and twelve genes are known. The prospect of a causal therapy associated with these findings has not fulfilled but still.

After all, one can prove today most mutations. Any interested party should know which genotype is he. Places where such a genetic consultation is performed here.

In addition to the gene types and locations is the HSP in "pure" and "complicated" form classified with "complex" forms to join other symptoms such as epilepsy or dementia to spasticity. The gene product is the protein produced according to the information contained in the respective gene. The different forms of HSP - referred to here with the common English abbreviation SPG - are numbered according to the order of their discovery. All diseases are very similar, but due to different genes, or modes of inheritance.

The HSP - Gentable

the actual list of genes causing HSP you will find at Wikipedia