Best Clinical Practice Guidelines and Framework of Future Cohort Studies in HSP

on November 17 and 18, 2014, internationally known specialists meet at the TWS in Münster to agree common policies for cohort studies with HSP under practitioners.

Led by Prof. Dr. L. Schoels, Tuebingen

Those interested can register with the TWS.

In addition, we point out that on the following day - 19.11.2015 a workshop on the topic"10 years consulting experience HSP" will be performed. Of course also the participants of this workshop are welcome. See...



Day 1: How to assess HSP

13:00     Get together

13:30     How to define onset of HSP? Which are the first symptoms?

14:15     How to assess severity of HSP? SPRS and other rating scales

15:00     Phenotypical spectrum of HSP – which signs and symptoms should be included into a registry?

15:45 Coffee break

16:15     Electrophysiological assessment: Standards and quantification

17:00     Neuroimaging protocols: Standards and quantification

17:45     Movement analysis: HSP characteristics and quantification

18:15     Preclinical stages of HSP

19:30     Dinner


Day 2: Working groups for HSP standards and guidelines


09:00     Diagnostic criteria and standardized diagnostic work-up

09:45     Web-based data registry

10:30     Coffee break

11:15     Genetic diagnostics in HSP

12:00     Biosampling standards

12:45     End of Meeting