Paris - Conference

We are happy to announce an International Symposium on Hereditary Ataxias and Hereditary Spastic Paraplegias (HSP) taking place in Paris on June 11 – 13, 2013. The meeting will carry forward the ideas of the most successful European and Mediterranean clinico-genetic HSP and ataxia consortia, SPATAX, GeNeMove and EUROSCA. It will pave the way for the coordination of spastic paraplegia and ataxia research in the era of neurogenomics, induced stem cells and increasing approaches from pathogenetic underpinnings into therapy of these largely overlapping disease groups. To this end the meeting joints forces of HSP and ataxia researchers as separation of these two fields turns out more and more artificial given the increasing numbers of spastic paraplegia genes and substantial phenotypic and pathophysiological overlap. The symposium will provide a cutting edge update of genetics, pathophysiology and clinics bringing together leading HSP and ataxia geneticists, basic scientists and clinicians.


The TWS is proud to be able to promote this meeting with a notable amount and also to be present during the symposium.


For details read the flyer or/and theprogram




Final report

 Dear Participants to the international conference on spinocerebellar degenerations (Paris, 11-13 June 2013), 

More than 200 participants came from many european countries (Spain, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Swizterland, UK, Bulgaria, Poland, Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, Norway) and overseas countries such as the USA, Canada, Colombia, Israel, Sudan, Algeria and Japan. Unfortunatly, participants from China and Saudi Arabia could not join us due to VISA refusal.

Three awards (500 € each) were given after votes from all participants:

- The best poster to Stefania Magri (Institut Carlo Besta, Milan, Italy) for her work on mitochondrial defects in spastic paraplegia SPG7 ,

- The best Platform presentation of a Junior researcher to Matthis Synofzik (University of Tuebingen, Germany) for an original approach to improve the motor performance of ataxic patients, and

- The best Platform presentation for a student to Marie Coutelier (CRicm U975, EPHE, France) for the identification of a new candidate gene responsible for spastic ataxia. 

We would like to thank you for the excellent spirit and fruitfull exchanges we had with all of you during the scientific and social events. It has been a great experience that we already want to renew, and if possible with more attendees as we had to refuse several this time for space constraints.

We hope you enjoyed as much as we did. 

To share a little bit more this meeting with you, pictures of the event are available at:

 We thank all speakers for their excellent talks, and all chairmen for their fruitful involvement in setting up the event.


We thank again our sponsors for their crucial support: patients associations (CSC, AFAF, ASL, AIViPS Onlus, HSP UK Support Group et Tom Wahlig Siftung, the Mairie de Paris, the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, the Ecole des Neurosciences de Paris (ENP), the DIM Cerveau et Pensée (Conseil Régional Ile-de-France and ENP), The Carnot-ICM institutes, the 6th Framework programme of the European union (EUROSCA), Roche and GATC Biotech.

 With Warm regards from Paris,

 The organizers,

 Alexandra Durr

Giovanni Stevanin

Alexis Brice

Holm Grassner

Massimo Pandolfo

Lydia Guennec