Mutations und heredity transmission

Among the topics discussed within the scope of our symposium in April 2001 was that of molecular-biological analysis of blood samples taken from patients afflicted with the disease and the ensuing human genetic consultation.

A genetic examination, the results of which may not be unambiguous in view of the foregoing, (all  known genes can’t possibly be tested for at once) would only be called for in cases where HSP had already been strongly suspected and the neurological testing appears to confirm this. As such an examination is still extremely complex, time-consuming and costly, certain quality standards should be applied when selecting an institute to conduct the tests.

If the examination is required by a doctor, the costs, which are not inconsiderable, are reimbursed by  health insurance companies.

At any rate, we recommend making contact with the relevant insitute beforehand (see address list  in the German page).

A professional consultation on the subject of human genetics is compulsory before a pre-symptomatic diagnosis can be undertaken (i.e. prior to onset in the case of those directly related to carriers of the mutation).

If you are intersted in addresses from humangenetic Labs, please refer to the German page