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Speakers (in alphabetical order)


Allison, Rachel (Cambridge, U.K.)

Spastin's role at endosomes: not just tubules

Baas, Peter (Philadelphia, U.S.A.)

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia 4:  Mechanism and Therapy from a Microtubule-Biologist's Perspective

Bassi, Maria-Teresa (Lecco, ITA)

Spastizin in hereditary spastic paraplegia type 15: a large and complex protein with different functions

Blackstone, Craig (Betheshda, U.S.A.)

Lysosomal biogenesis defects in HSP with thin corpus callosum

Edgar, James (Cambridge, U.K.)

Characterising endolysosomal defects in HSP

Klemm, Robin (Zürich, SUI)

A role for ER morphology remodeling in lipid droplet size regulation

Novarino, Gaia (Wien, AUT)

The HSPome: a journey into the genetic landscape of hereditary spastic paraplegias

Pol, Albert (Barcelona, ESP)

Biogenesis of lipid droplets: lipids, proteins, and sites

Rugarli, Elena (Köln, GER)

A link between spastin and lipid metabolism: implications for HSP

Schöls, Ludger (Tübingen, GER)

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegias: phenotype and disease course in a cohort of 600 cases

Schüle, Rebecca (Miami, U.S.A.)

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia SPG5: Phenotypic determinants, natural history, biomarkers and a treatment strategy

Stevanin, Giovanni (Paris, FRA)

Unexpected variants and inheritance in HSP genes

Vaz, Frederic (Amsterdam, NED)

Update on lipidomic approaches in disorders affecting complex lipid metabolism

Winner, Beate (Erlangen, GER)

Human in vitro modeling of HSP

Züchner, Stephan (Miami, U.S.A.)

Gene identification in HSP, the handling of large scale genomic data, and sharing of genomic results across countries



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