The FSP- research team at Jena under leadership from Prof. Deufel operates at present a project for functional characterization of spastin.

The function of this mostly unknown protein shall  be clarified under methods of cell- biology and transgene animal-models even with clincal testing.

The biochemical and cell- biological operations will be executed together with Neuro-biologists and Structure- biologist of the university of Jena and combined performed at the IMB Jena. The Molecular- biologist Dr. Jörg Schickel, working at the institute for clinical chemistry and laboratory- diagnostic at the Jena- university operates the setting of the transgen- mices, which shall be tested on the different mutations, which were known by experience at human beeings. Neurolgists, Neurobiologists and Molecular-Biologists will work together to charakterize.

Theses projects where accompanied by the Tom-Wahlig-Foundation  with much interest and partly promoted with funds. They all are part of an european campaign for creating mice-models for all kinds of FSP, whose gens are known.

These researchs with animal- models could help, to find more about  the nascency of FSP and long term the development of therapy.

october 2002