Symposium 2007 in Munich

This years Symposium was performed during 23rd to 24th of march 2007 in Munich together with the DGKN congress. Responsible for the science part where Prof. C. Weiller from Freiburg (Germany) and Prof. Deufel from Jena (Germany).

We had about 50 people in the auditorium and they were specially interested, when Anne Tarrade from the French Université d’Evry refered first time in Germany about the development of the worldwide first transgene mouse with the mutand spastin gene. As well known this gene is mostly responsible for the "normal" HSP. So we can hope , that this mouse will be the first step for further explorations about the intracellular processes during HSP.

Another main focus was the question if motoric training from sport- sciences can be transferred to the therapy of HSP patients. Prof. A. Gollhofer from the univerity of Freiburg (Germany) explained that especially postural training helps to upgrade the spinal reflexes.

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