TWS-Symposium am 31. März 2017 an der Ruhruniversität Bochum, Tagungsraum II (Mensa)

Speaker Title Abstracts

Giovanni Stevanin

(Paris, FRA)

Genotype-phenotype correlations in SPG7


William Newman

(Manchester, U.K.)

Rare disease gene identification in the frame of the 100.000 genomes project


Stephan Zuchner

(Miami, U.S.A.)

Mutational burden analysis of interaction networks in inherited neuropathies


Jong-Min Lee

(Boston, U.S.A.)

Identification of genetic factors that modify clinical onset of Huntington's disease


Christine Klein

(Lübeck, GER)

Reduced penetrance in hereditary movement disorders


Thorsten Schmidt

(Tübingen, GER)

Targeting the intracellular localization of the affected protein as novel treatment approach in SCA3

William Griffiths

(Swansea, U.K.)

Cholesterol Metabolism in SPG5: Potential for Diagnosis and Therapy


Andrea Daga

(Conegliano, ITA)

Atlastin and reticulon interactions in the determination of ER morphology

Craig Blackstone

(Bethesda, U.S.A.)

New imaging tools for assessing ER morphology changes in HSP models


Gautam Wali

(Sydney, AUS)

Mechanism of impaired microtubule-dependent peroxisome trafficking and oxidative stress in SPAST-mutated cells from HSP-patients


Tobias Walther

(Boston, U.S.A.)

Lipids, Organelles and Neurodegenerative disease