19. TWS-Symposium 13.11.2020 - new: via livestream

The 19th TWS Symposium will not take place in Baden Baden, but virtually via livestream

After ongoing back and forth about permissions and bans on COVID-19, we have decided to hold our 19th symposium on November 13, 2020 in a purely virtual manner.

Although the cancellation in the hotels will probably again result in not inconsiderable costs, the health of our visitors and friends takes priority.

The contents of the symposium will be implemented as planned on November 13th. It is planned that under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stephan Klebe, all lectures take place virtually. Other speakers can intervene with questions. All non-speakers can watch the virtual symposium via livestream on the website of the TWS Foundation and probably ask questions by email. Posters that have been registered can also be presented in a short lecture.

We would much rather have met with all of you personally, because a virtual meeting does not replace a personal exchange. It is very important to us to keep the small community of HSP researchers that has emerged over the years together despite COVID-19 and hope to be able to create a balance with the virtual symposium. Stay balanced with us.

Further information follows!