Michael Hull

Michael Hull is a multi-dance champion and now an owner of two dance schools in and around Osnabrück. Nationwide, he was also known for his appearances as a jury member in the RTL-Show "Lets dance".


The TWS supports Hull since early 2009. Thanks to the mediation of Susanne Kolhosser, friend and former pupil of Henry Wahlig Hull took the dance school, the world champion for a long time, personal conversation about our disease and the Foundation.


Then we sent Michael Hull, the following very personal statement:


"Dancing for many people not only perfectly coordinated rhythmic movements to learn, but also an active participation in social life. For people with HSP, this participation does not of course since everyone already" normal "step can be a major obstacle. The more important is the right promotion: With my own foundation, I realize artistic projects in which young people are quite naturally with disabilities in dance and acting involved. I want to support the TWS as a pacemaker, as it increases the attention to their use for this rare disease that drives the research and so together with the patients repeatedly boundaries.

Limits not keep people away from one another, they lock themselves a one. Life is complicated. So we are constructed. So you can waste his life trying to draw boundaries or you can live it by it exceeds. That is why I find it hard not to take that commitment here.

Not all wounds are superficial. Most of the wounds go deeper than we can imagine. That can not see with the naked eye one. And then there are wounds that are inflicted on us by surprise. The best way to treat the wound or the disease is to go in deep to find the true cause of the injury. The expected is what keeps us in balance. Upright. Still. What we expect is just the beginning. The things we do not expect is what changed our lives. "