Night run against HSP

Our fundraising campaign in summer 2023!

Christina is the mother of an 8-year-old daughter who is affected by HSP SPG3.

On July 22, Christina is running against HSP through the heart of the Ruhr area. Her challenge: 50 km in 12 hours - and at night! Her mission: to get as far as her feet will take her.

She is supported by her employer, Brockhaus AG from Lünen. Her teammates are running with her, and for every kilometer run by their employees, Brockhaus AG donates one euro to advance research into HSP.

Christina is determined to do everything in her power to help her daughter and others affected by the disease and to advance research into the condition. Since she is not affected by the disease herself and wants to experience what it's like to push yourself to your limits until your legs won't take it anymore, she and her colleagues at work have come up with a very special challenge.

We invite you to participate in the fundraiser and also to support the Tom Wahlig Foundation: You can either donate a lump sum or contribute as much as you like for each kilometer Christina covers during the mega march. To participate in the campaign, you can use the form provided.

We will regularly inform you about the progress of the campaign and keep you updated. Feel free to check us out on Instagram and Facebook! Here is another video from Christina about the action!

Together we can help people with HSP and support the research of the disease!